Our Nation’s Birthday

Our Nation's Birthday

Our Nation’s Birthday

On July 4th, we celebrate probably the most important
birthday to those of us who live in the US. July 4th, 1776
is the day we celebrate our Nations birthday.

For some this is just another day off, a day to watch
fireworks, party with family and friends, have a few beers
or take a little vacation. But there is so much more to
celebrating our Nations birthday.

July 4th is an important day in our history. It is the day
we should remember all of the rights and freedoms we have
as Americans and enjoy them. Many made the ultimate
sacrifice to ensure our freedom and freedom does not come

On our Nations birthday, we should take time to remember
those who made those sacrifices. All of the 56 men who
signed the Declaration of Independence did not live to see
what their sacrifices provided us.

In fact, 5 signers were captured by the British and
tortured before they died. Twelve went home to find their
dwellings ransacked and burned and nine fought and died
from wounds or hardships of the war.

That is almost half the men who signed out nations greatest
symbol of freedom. But they signed it anyway, knowing that
in doing so, they were committing treason and could be
sentenced to death if they were caught.

Some of us take this holiday for granted. Our Nations
birthday, July 4th should be celebrated with family and

Enjoy the fireworks and Bar-B-Q’s, the picnics and the fun.
But take time to remember those who put themselves at risk
so we could live in a free country.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Men who have been married for awhile may have a great deal of difficulty selecting gifts for their wives on Valentine’s Day. They may feel as though they have spent so many Valentine’s Days together that they have already bought their wives all of the standard gifts and may have trouble thinking up new and original gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. They may have already bought their wives items such as flowers, candy, lingerie and jewelry and may feel as though repeating these gifts would not be appropriate. However, there are a lot of great gift ideas for men to give to their wives on Valentine’s Day. This article will focus on how men can update some of the traditional gift ideas and will also provide some unique gift ideas for men to give their wives on Valentine’s Day.

Candy is one of the most popular gifts for men to give to women on Valentine’s Day. Men who have given their wives a gift of candy in the past may feel as though it would be inappropriate to give her candy again. However, this is not true. Candy is a gift which is almost always appreciated on Valentine’s Day. There are ways to make candy seem like a more original gift though. Men who normally give their wives a gift of an assortment of chocolates in a heart shaped box can search for other candy options available. For example, they may find chocolate covered strawberries available in a number of unique designs. They can also make a gift of candy more original by making the candy themselves. Making candy is not difficult and can be a great deal of fun. While some women will always appreciate a gift of candy, she will be more surprised if you make the candy yourself because it shows you put more effort into the gift.

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Jewelry is another popular gift idea for men to give to women on Valentine’s Day. Men may feel as though once they give their wife a few pieces of jewelry, there is no way to continue giving jewelry. However, this is not true. For example if you previously gave your wife a solitaire ring you might consider giving her a new ring with three stones to reflect the past, the present and your future together. You might even consider having the solitaire ring modified to include the additional stones. You can also put a unique spin on gifts of jewelry by giving different stones or jewelry of different metals. However, when selecting a gift of jewelry for your wife on Valentine’s Day care should be taken to choose items that reflect her taste so you are sure your wife will love the gift and want to wear it often.

If you and your wife have children and excellent gift idea for Valentine’s Day is to present your wife with handmade coupons for free afternoons. You will take care of the kids during this time so your wife can go out and relax and enjoy some time to herself. Many women often feel guilty about leaving the children with their husbands to take time for themselves. This type of gift will make her more likely to take some time to get a manicure or do some shopping without feeling guilty because you will be volunteering to watch the kids so your wife will not feel like she is inconveniencing you by asking for some time to herself. You can make this type of gift even more special by giving your wife a gift certificate to a beauty salon so she can go to get her hair done or have a manicure and pedicure. You can also plan a special activity for the kids while she is gone. For example you might sit with the kids and have them make a gift for their mom while she is gone. This way your wife will have some free time and will also receive a homemade gift from her children.


Understanding Women on Valentine’s Day

Understanding Women on Valentine’s Day

Understanding Women on Valentine’s Day

One complaint that many men have is that they just don’t understand what women expect from them on Valentine’s Day. This can make planning for Valentine’s Day a very stressful experience for men. They are worried that the gift they buy will say the wrong thing or that their gift will be misinterpreted by their girlfriend or wife. As a result they often wind up either doing too much or too little on Valentine’s Day and have trouble finding that happy balance where their gift will be appreciated without their partners reading too much into the gift. The key to finding this perfect gift is to understand women and how they think of Valentine’s Day.

The most important rule for men to remember is that when women say it is okay for you to not do anything for Valentine’s Day, 99.99% of the time they do not mean this. It is true there are some women who really do not expect anything from their boyfriends or husbands on Valentine’s Day but the vast majority will be extremely disappointed if you allow Valentine’s Day to pass without even a card or a small gift. So unless you are absolutely sure your partner is one of those women who really does not care about Valentine’s Day it is a safe bet to at least get a card and a flower for the special woman in your life. She is likely to be disappointed if you don’t.

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Now you might be wondering what type of card you should get for the special woman in your life on Valentine’s Day. There are humorous cards available for purchase on Valentine’s Day but again unless you are absolutely sure this is the type of card your partner will like it is a better idea to go with a romantic card. You can find these types of cards expressing a number of different sentiments and are likely to find a card which expresses your feelings about the relationship perfectly. Men may not realize this but women typically put a great deal of time and effort into selecting your card and they may be disappointed if you do not do the same when selecting a card for them.

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Men should also be aware that women do not want to be reminded of their diets on Valentine’s Day. Your girlfriend or wife may talk about wanting to lose weight and may be trying to exercise and eat right but this does not mean she wants you to buy her sugar free candy and give her workout equipment for Valentine’s Day. You may think you are doing something great for your girlfriend or wife but trust us on this one, she will think you are calling her fat. If you really want to support your partner in her diet efforts, you can give her a small box of chocolates and a piece of jewelry instead. Conversely, a box of diet cookies and a workout video are not likely to be well received.

Finally, one of the most important things for men to remember is it really is the thought that counts. Women want to feel special on Valentine’s Day. Extravagant gifts may seem like a good idea and may be well received but most women really just want to know that you love them on Valentine’s Day. So whether you give them expensive jewelry or make the effort to cook them dinner they will know how you feel about them.


Securing Dinner Reservations on Valentine’s Day

Securing Dinner Reservations on Valentine’s Day

Securing Dinner Reservations on Valentine’s Day

If you are planning to go out to dinner with your date on Valentine’s Day, you are probably already well aware of how many other people are also planning to go out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This can make securing dinner reservations extremely difficult. Restaurants that accept reservations may fill up well before Valentine’s Day and those that do not accept reservations may have extremely long wait times for couples hoping for a table. If you already have reservations for this Valentine’s Day, you are lucky. For those who are not so fortunate this article will provide some useful information for securing dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day.

The most important tip for securing dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day is to make your reservations well in advance. If you want to take your date to an extremely popular restaurant you may have to make your reservations well in advance. It is highly unlikely you will be able to secure reservations on Valentine’s Day for later in the evening. However, there is always the possibility of a last minute cancellation but it is still a better idea to make your reservations in advance. How far in advance you make the reservations will depend on the popularity of the restaurant. For some restaurants you may make your reservations as early as February 15th of the previous year while for most restaurants a week or two beforehand should be early enough.

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If you are serious about wanting to go out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day but are having difficulty making reservations try checking with less popular restaurants. For example if you live near a big city the restaurants in the city might all be completely booked but you may find availability in smaller restaurants outside the city limits. You may still have to make reservations but you may find you do not have to make them as early as you would for more popular restaurants in the city.

If you know someone who works as a host in a restaurant consider contacting them to find out about the reservation policy where they work. They may be able to offer you tips on how to make reservations and which times are likely to be the least crowded. They may even be able to do you a favor by squeezing you into an already packed Valentine’s Day schedule. You may not be rich or famous but if you happen to know someone who can help you out, you might find yourself enjoying a few benefits such as being able to make last minute reservations.

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Valentine’s Day Party in a Box

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Finally, when making dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day you can consider making the reservations for earlier or later than usual. This may mean you are sitting down to enjoy your meal at a time which is not so convenient but it also likely means you will be able to make reservations as late as the day of Valentine’s Day. It also means there are likely to be fewer other people having dinner at this time. This usually translates to better service as well as a less stressful dining experience. If you know there are crowds waiting you may be more likely to rush your meal because you feel guilty. By taking advantage of early or late seatings you may avoid these feelings and wind up having a better time during your Valentine’s Day celebration.


Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Stores and florists spend a great deal of time, money and effort promoting their products as perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is done for good reason as most people turn to commercially available products on Valentine’s Day to give a great gift to their loved ones. However, with a little effort you may find you can give your partner a really great gift on Valentine’s Day which comes straight from your heart. This can be done in the form of a homemade gift. Despite what you may be thinking it does not take a great deal of time or talent to make these great gifts. This article will provide a few ideas for homemade gifts you can give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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A scrapbook is one of the most obvious homemade gifts you can give to your partner on Valentine’s Day. It is also one of the easiest homemade gifts you can make and also one of the gifts which is most likely to be greatly appreciated by your partner. This is a great combination if you want to give your partner a spectacular gift on Valentine’s Day. To make a great scrapbook start out by selecting the pictures you want to use in the scrapbook. You can select pictures of each of you individually, pictures of the two of you together, pictures of places the two of you have visited together or any combination of the pictures previously mentioned. Once you select a series of pictures you really like there will likely be an obvious theme for the scrapbook. Once this theme emerges you can search for the scrapbook as well as accessories for the scrapbook such as stickers, ribbons or other graphics. Finally, assembling the scrapbook is as easy as gluing the pictures and accessories to the page and putting everything together in an order which makes sense.

Homemade candles are another great gift you can give your partner for Valentine’s Day. Making candles is actually quite simple. You can find kits in craft supply stores which will not only include everything you need to make a great candle or two but also provide you with simple step by step instructions on how to melt the wax, insert the wick, pour the candle and allow the candle to set before releasing it from the mold. Also, there will likely be the opportunity to use dyes and perfumes to create a candle of a customized color and scent. When adding color or scent to a candle, care should be taken to add the dye or perfume at the appropriate time for the best results.

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One final idea for a homemade Valentine’s Day gift is a CD filled with your partner’s favorite music or a DVD with pictures of videos of the two of you together. You can even combine the videos with movie clips or music which you think fits well with the rest of the images or video. This may sound like it is extremely difficult but it really is not. With the technological advancements being made, many of us would be surprised to learn that we can do a lot of these things on our own computers at home. However, if you are having a great deal of trouble, you might want to consider consulting a friend or family member for advice on how to accomplish your goal. This way you can still give your loved one a homemade gift for Valentine’s Day but you will have some help with the most difficult parts of the project.


Christmas Shopping for Out of Town Relatives

Christmas Shopping for Out of Town Relatives

Christmas Shopping for Out of Town Relatives

Christmas Shopping for Out of Town Relatives

Although living nearby to all of your relatives can be a wonderful experience, unfortunately this is not always the case and relatives are often separated by vast differences. Sometimes you are forced to relocate because of a job and sometimes you just move because you would like to live in and experience a new city, state or country. Likewise one or more of your relatives may opt to relocate for the same reasons. Regardless of how or why it happened many of us often find ourselves in a situation where our relatives may be spread out all over the globe. This is a sad fact of life which makes it more difficult to stay in touch and also greatly complicates the Christmas shopping process. This article will take a look at some of the dilemmas associated with Christmas shopping for out of town relatives and will provide some strategies for dealing with these dilemmas.

The financial cost and the hassle of shipping gifts is one of the most obvious problems in this scenario. Items which are large, heavy or fragile can be difficult to ship. For example you may find a beautiful crystal vase that you know your out of town cousin will love but you may be hesitant to purchase this item because you are afraid it will be lost or damaged during shipping. Even shipping small items can be a problem particularly if they are items which would be hard to replace such as collectors items or limited edition items. In these cases it may be wise to stick with gifts such as gift certificates for your out of town relatives. These can often be included in a Christmas card and mailed with only the use of one stamp. Although these gifts may seem unexciting it is much easier than dealing with the long lines which typically exist at any shipping location around the Christmas season.

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Another problem associated with Christmas shopping for out of town relatives is you may have a great deal of difficulty selecting gifts for these relatives. You may have been very close with the relative when they lived nearby but distance can make it difficult to stay in touch and can result in emotional distance between you and your far away relatives. You may be unaware of her current hobbies and interests which can make it difficult to select a personalized gift she will really appreciate. Opting for more generic items such as sweaters or scented bath soaps and candles is one way to deal with this problem. Another way to deal with this dilemma is to make a concerted effort to get in contact with your relative before you begin the Christmas season. Whether you give them a call or send an email or letter you will be opening up the lines of communication which can give you some insight into their current life and can help make it easier for you to select a great Christmas gift she will really appreciate.

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Even purchasing items for the home can be difficult when it comes to out of town relatives. You may see a throw pillow or a vase you think your cousin will absolutely love and which would match her living room perfectly but you may be unaware that she has redecorated the living room by painting the walls a different color or purchasing new furniture to replace the furniture you remember so well. This may seem like a big detail but even if you have kept in contact with your cousin she may have forgotten to mention she had redecorated. This can make purchasing home related items for out of town relatives quite difficult. You can help to alleviate this problem by purchasing decorative items as gifts but including a gift receipt with the gift when you ship it to your relative. This makes it easier for them to return the item if it does not match their décor and purchase a more suitable item. They will appreciate the gesture of your gift as well as your thoughtfulness in allowing them to choose an item that really works well in their living space.

Christmas Plays & Performances

Christmas Plays & Performances

Christmas Plays & Performances

It’s always a good thing when families can enjoy outings together.
Attending Christmas plays, performances and concerts offer wonderful holiday entertainment for all members of the family. Attending Christmas performances and concerts offers wonderful entertainment for the entire family and provides another way to enjoy the festivities of the Christmas season.
Families usually don’t have to venture too far from their home to enjoy a
Christmas play or concert. That’s because amateur actors, singers and budding musicians in their neighborhood will usually take part in several Christmas performances for local residents. These amateur but entertaining events can be found at local schools, churches or at a community theater or performance center.


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It’s very popular for those groups to stage performances of the Nativity
story, or other Christmas related works such as ‘A Christmas Carol.’ churches and school groups may even have a complete concert series that includes a full-length production of a play along with choirs, soloists and the band singing Christmas carols and other Christmas songs.
What makes local Christmas performances special is that members of the
community and maybe even of your own household can be among the entertainers.
It is therefore special to see familiar faces doing something interesting and different. For those who are budget-conscious, the performances are usually priced to be very affordable, therefore offering an economic incentive to go out and have an enjoyable afternoon or evening.
Those people who are lovers of the arts and who are more interested in
seeing a professional performance will likely also have a professional
theatrical company within reasonable proximity of their residence. Professional groups may also perform Christmas classics such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ or they may do another dramatic production from the works of other playwrights.
Music lovers also have a variety of performances to enjoy at Christmas
time. While one can always catch various groups singing carols in downtown areas or at malls, there are other places to hear rich, melodious performances of Christmas music. These include concerts by acclaimed or recognized conservatories, orchestras, symphonies and renowned choir groups.

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The beauty of hearing Christmas music by these groups is in the accompaniment of instruments and the harmonious blending of voices, which all happens in a venue that has acoustic features to optimize the auditory pleasure of the performances. The different components that together make the whole performance offers a richer quality to Christmas songs and carols that may be described as ‘sounding heavenly.’
Another popular artistic performance that is popular during the Christmas season is classical dance in the form of ballet, and particularly the performance of the ‘Nutcracker’ ballet. With music written by Tchaikovsky, the story is about a young girl who has a dream on Christmas Eve of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle with a Mouse King that has seven heads. After a fierce battle between the Nutcracker, who leads an army of toy soldiers, and the Mouse King who leads an army of mice, the Nutcracker is captured. But the little girl throws her slipper at the Mouse King, hits him in the head and kills him. In the end, the Nutcracker turns into a Prince and takes the little girl to the magical and enchanting Land of Snow with dancing snowflakes and the Land of Sweets with
the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Attending Christmas plays, concerts or musical performances serves the basic purpose of providing enjoyment, but it can also help young people, and even adults, to develop an appreciation for the arts. Seeing different variations and the creativity in performances of Christmas plays, as well as hearing different renditions of Christmas songs, can be the first exposure that leads to a lifelong love of the arts and maybe a dream to pursue a career in the arts.

Selection of Christmas Trees

Selection of Christmas Trees

Selection of Christmas Trees

Given the many types of Christmas trees available and the various ways in
which they can be bought, it’s important to know certain qualities that a
Christmas tree should have so that it will be suitable for decorating and will also last through the season.
One of the most important qualities a Christmas tree should have is
freshness. This makes buying a tree from a Christmas Tree Farm the best option
because you will observe the tree being cut at the time it is purchased. If a
tree is bought elsewhere, such as from a retail lot, it is important to find out
where the tree came from and when it was cut.
To determine the freshness of a tree, observe whether it looks green and
healthy, has a fragrant scent and has needles that are moist and flexible. If
the needles appear dry or show browning, then that is a sign the tree isn’t very
fresh. If a large amount of green needles fall when a few branches of the tree
are shaken, that’s also a sign that the tree isn’t the best one to buy to last
for the entire season. The needles of fir trees should break crisply when they
are bent. If a fir tree needle is bent and doesn’t break readily with pressure,
it might mean that the tree isn’t absorbing water and that will affect its
Another reason a Christmas tree farm can be a better option for purchasing a
Christmas tree is that it will be more likely to offer more species of trees and
therefore a wider variety of shapes and sizes.
For those Christmas trees that are located on retail or other commercial lots,
freshness can be determined by looking at the conditions in which the trees are
kept. Observe whether the trees are kept in stands that hold water, if baled
trees are protected from the wind and sun, if a fresh cut is put on trees and if
the trees are tied down correctly.

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Another quality to consider in selecting the right Christmas tree is its size.
Before buying a tree, its important to decide where it will be placed so that
the space can be measured. You will need to do a floor to ceiling measurement
and then subtract at least 10-12 inches to get the maximum height for the
Christmas tree. It is recommended that at least 10-12 inches of space should be
between the top of the Christmas tree and the ceiling.
The bottom of the Christmas tree also needs to be checked to make sure there is
adequate space between the end of it and the lowest branches. A small diagonal
fresh cut, such as an inch, is made in that area to enhance absorption of water,
which will make the tree last longer. This cut should be made just before the
tree is placed in water. If a fresh cut is done and the tree is exposed to the
air too long, the vessels can become blocked.
Along with freshness and size, a tree should be selected based on the shape that
you like, the smell of the needles and bark and on how dense and sturdy the
branches are. For the density and sturdiness of the tree, you need to have an
idea how the tree will be decorated – how many heavy ornaments, Christmas lights
or bows will be used. As an example, a fir tree that has sturdy branches will be
better for holding heavy ornaments and a pine tree is good for Christmas trees
that have light decorations such as bows and a string of Christmas lights.
The texture of the branches and how durable or long-lasting the tree will
be are also worth considering in choosing a perfect Christmas tree.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

It’s only fitting, perhaps, that along with the magic of Santa Claus at
Christmas, holiday and Christmas lights also came about through the work of a wizard – the Wizard of Menlo Park in New Jersey – as Thomas Edison was called.

It was Edison who first developed and demonstrated an incandescent electric light bulb in 1879 that had commercial potential, an event that led the way for the mass use of electricity and lights on Christmas tree as used today.

Before the discovery and use of electricity, candles were used to light
Christmas trees. That practice evolved into having glass covers with candles inside them or metal lanterns that had small wicks. These were hung like ornaments on Christmas trees.

But even after Edison invented the incandescent electric light bulb, it took many years before the large-scale manufacture of Christmas tree lights were available commercially.

It is said that the idea of Christmas lights came from one of Edison’s
assistants, Edward Johnson. In 1882, Johnson had Christmas tree bulbs made specially for him.

He displayed these electric bulbs on his Christmas tree at
his home on Fifth Avenue in New York City and it drew widespread attention.

But Christmas tree lights underwent many changes and improvement before General Electric Co. introduced Christmas lights on a commercial scale.

As an example, among the earlier lights used on Christmas trees were night-lights that were strung together to make light strings. After the commercial introduction of Christmas lights, sales and wide-scale use of them soared.

Decorative mini-lights to be used for Christmas tree lighting were introduced in the 1970s. Since then, they have continued to be popular and are the dominant types of Christmas tree lights in the marketplace.

Before that, icicle lights were introduced as decoration for rooflines. Those decorative lights are the most popular ones used for outdoor landscape lighting during the holidays.

Outdoor decorative lighting has evolved from Christmas tree lighting to also become a popular way to use colorful lighting during the holidays to create spectacular scenes.

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Custom 24″ Christmas Tree Marquee

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Another development in decorative lighting at Christmas time is the use of candles.

Real candles can be used, but electric candles became more popular and
safer because they present less threat of a fire hazard. Today that threat has also decreased with the development of flameless battery candles. The battery operation also makes their use more flexible because they can be placed in areas where there aren’t electrical outlets.

Candles are usually displayed at several windows of a house during the holidays. They produce an appealing look especially if there are at least two sets of three windows each other where they can be placed.

Battery-operated candles can also be used during Christmas and the holidays for other activities such as caroling, church services, school activities and for other holiday arrangements around the home.

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As Christmas lights have become a mandatory feature of the holidays, they are continually being used in new ways that differ considerably from their early beginnings.

Outdoor lighting is now just as common as indoor lighting and that
is an area in which a change in the use of holiday lighting can be seen.

Along with icicle lights that illuminate rooflines and frames of houses, there are also lights that are placed in shrubs.

Holiday lighting also comes in the shape of trees and other ornaments that can be placed on lawn to enhance the visual appeal during the holidays.

Many lawns are landscaped by lighting during Christmas and the holiday season with lighted figurines and various other items associated with the season.

In some communities, entire blocks of streets will have such elaborate holiday lawn lighting that they attract passersby and even tourists – residents from elsewhere – who are captivated by the spectacular visual displays of the landscaped holiday lighting.

Effortless Christmas Tree Decoration

Effortless Christmas Tree Decoration

Effortless Christmas Tree Decoration

The decoration of Christmas trees has evolved and undergone many changes,
much like many of the early traditions of the Christmas season. Christmas tree
lighting that started out with real candles underwent probably the biggest
change when electric light became commercially available and special Christmas
tree lights were manufactured. It is therefore not surprising that today you can
set up Christmas trees that are expertly decorated with little or no effort.
While many people choose a fresh Christmas tree for its scent, many others
simply want a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and will choose an artificial
or man-made tree. Artificial trees have been available in America since the
start of the 20th century. Many artificial trees are made to have a similar
appearance like real Christmas trees, but changes have been made to them to make
them decorative and different from regular Christmas trees.

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Christmas tree decorations,glitter bottles Christmas tree ornaments

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As an example, in the 1950s some artificial Christmas trees had branches
made of aluminum-coated paper to give them a shiny metallic look. For those who
like to have a Christmas tree with a unique look, trees with a similar shiny,
metallic appearance are available today. They are however made with a different
material because the older trees were a fire hazard.
For the those people who are very busy and don’t have the time to spend
carefully placing Christmas lights on trees, there are several pre-lit models of
Christmas trees on the market today. A standard type of these Christmas trees
look like their real counterparts except multi-colored fiber-optic lights can be
found scattered throughout the limbs and branches of these trees. This
arrangement saves time and effort of having to undo or untangle strings of
Christmas tree lights.
Another type of pre-lit artificial Christmas tree are those that are made
completely of fiber optics so that the tree appears to be shaped out of strands
of light that are wispy. Some of these brightly-lit fiber-optic trees also come
equipped with pre-recorded Christmas songs and carols and speakers to give the
added pleasure of music.
Many pre-lit Christmas trees have electric Christmas tree lights however
which need to be plugged into a real electrical outlet. The advantage of these
trees is that the lights are already strung on them from the factory and you
need only to follow the instructions about how to assemble the tree and plug in
the different parts for it to appear lighted. Once this is done correctly, the
tree will look as if it was decorated with lights manually or professionally.

Paper garland. paper rose garland. rose garland. wedding garland. Holiday garland. Christmas tree garland. Red and green decor

Holiday garland. Christmas tree garland. Red and green decor

Chic Christmas Pink Marabou Feather Garland Decoration Ornament Wreath Centerpiece Xmas Tree Victorian Shabby French Country Cottage Rustic

Chic Christmas Pink Marabou Feather Garland Decoration

Another ready-made decorative feature of artificial Christmas trees is to have
the appearance of snow-covered branches. That trend is an evolution of faux snow
that is often sprinkled in garlands and wreaths to add a Christmas quality to
those decorations. Icicle ornaments are also used to decorate real and
artificial trees and icicle lights are commonly used along rooflines and outdoor
areas for additional lighting decoration. These decorations, along with the
ready-made snow-covered branches of artificial trees, all convey the frosty, icy
and cold feel of the winter season when Christmas occurs.
Christmas trees that arrive from the factory with lights also have
decorations such as apples and minute red berries to provide additional color,
and real pinecones that may or may not be frosted or sprinkled with faux snow.
They may also be pre-decorated with red or gold bows, round ornaments, flower-
like patterns, dried bow and twigs and gold frosted branch tips. to give an
appealing, sparkling appearance. The trees also have varying hues of green
similar to real Christmas trees.
Pre-lit and pre-decorated Christmas trees are therefore an excellent way
to brighten the holiday in your home and enable you to gain more time to enjoy
the festivities of the season.